The Big 3: Ottawa’s Hottest Home Markets

In the midst of alarmingly explosive home price numbers across the country’s other major cities (such as the GTA’s notable 33.2% year-over-year average price jump), Ottawa has remained a safe, steady, and reliable climber.
Why shouldn’t it?
Ottawa is an attractive city that has it all, and the numbers reflect it. The city at-large is coming off it’s best June in over ten years, in terms of residential sales activity, and the best month for overall average ticket price during the same period. Average condo prices are up over the quarter-million mark, and average home prices are quickly approaching the half-million dollar milestone. The icing on this cake is the bliss which stems from the consistency of growth, and the law of process it follows. Ottawa is safe from any potential housing bubbles, which some experts have repeatedly warned of, letting homebuyers rest easy while exploring their options in the Nation’s beautiful capital city.
The burning question…
The wide array of desirable neighbourhoods on-the-rise across the city begs the question of where one should start their search for the right home. To that, there are three answers:
3. Barrhaven
As one of the more recently-developed neighbourhoods cracking this list, Barrhaven is stepping smoothly into the role of being Ottawa’s smartest suburb to raise a family in. Located just off the Greenbelt and chalk-full of parks and recreation areas, it’s the perfect area for the active family who wants a little more space, without being more than an arm’s length from the city. Among many, perhaps Barrhaven’s most alluring feature is it’s large homes and townhomes, available at prices that work for anybody. Brandishing a comfortable starting point below $200,000 and stretching up to a 2 million dollar ceiling, one would be hard-pressed to find the blissful kind of community feel anywhere else for such reasonable prices.
Barrhaven is the premier location in Ottawa for families who seek respite from the busy downtown areas of the city. The area boasts plenty of gorgeous schools–both public, and Catholic–with education available both in English or in French. The family-orientation of Barrhaven allows parents to feel that their children are safe, and find themselves never too far away from their little-ones. This intimate neighbourhood is neatly outfitted with everything it needs.
Barrhaven’s beauty and affordability, miraculously comes with next to no compromise, as it is well-connected to the city’s downtown sector. It is only a short highway drive, or by Ottawa’s aggressively expanding public transportation system, OC Transpo, and that’s only if you choose to traverse the neighbourhood limits. More often than not, you can find what you need within Barrhaven, as it has plenty of shopping areas and stores, with the centre of it all being Barrhaven Town Centre. Barrhaven also has plenty of gyms, a movie theatre, a scenic Golf Course in Stonebridge, and restaurants abundant.
There’s much to do and much to see in Barrhaven. It simply has to be experienced in person and is well worth the short jaunt outside the city to discover this picturesque, family suburb.
2. Kanata
Kanata, also known as Silicon Valley North, is home to a diverse collection of both commercial and residential properties. Kanata has what Barrhaven does and then some. Suburban life, bolstered by proximity to an abundance of workplaces and multitudinous sources of entertainment, Canada’s high-tech capital is one of the most optimal places to live in the Capital region. There’s nothing Kanata doesn’t have; Ottawa’s foremost professional sports franchise, the Ottawa Senators, call Kanata’sCanadian Tire Centre “home”, recreation centres are abundant, restaurants are in spades, and schools can be found spread throughout many of Kanata’s interior neighbourhoods. Kanata is something of a city-within-a-city, and brings to the table all of the features that come with such a title.
One of Kanata’s major draws is its accessibility, in all facets of the term.
Pricewise, Kanata is no outlier in terms of affordability, with Condos starting at $174,000, and houses available below the quarter-million mark. With plenty of work available in the area, Kanata is perfect for first-time homebuyers, families looking to relocate, and young-professionals alike.
Kanata is accessible in geographic terms as well. Kanata has plenty of local buses for navigating within the section of the city itself, as well as major bus stations that connect to Ottawa downtown, and other suburbs in the area. If one wishes to drive to the city, Kanata is located conveniently along the 417, a major highway which runs all the way across the city of Ottawa.
There’s no mystery that Kanata has it all, and it’s huge levels of development over the past 20-30 years indicates that it is here to stay near the top of the list of Ottawa’s best neighbourhoods, for any demographic of homebuyer.
1. The Glebe
Coming in atop this list is a neighbourhood with some of the most impressive property values in all of Ottawa. This position belongs to The Glebe, immediately adjacent to Ottawa’s downtown core, on the south side. Walking distance to downtown, the Glebe boasts no shortage of things to do, places to be, and beautiful old homes to garnish the cities hottest neighbourhood. The perfect marriage of modern, urban lifestyle and vintage dwellings, it’s no mystery as to why Glebe residences make up a healthy portion of Ottawa’s million-dollar plus sales to this point in the year.
When it comes to The Glebe, it is hard to decide where to start when talking about what would draw someone to the area. For one, the recently refurbished Lansdowne Park features Ottawa’s CFL franchise, arguably the best cluster of restaurants in the city, a VIP movie theatre, and gorgeous parks and trails, all situated beautifully along the Rideau Canal. Nowhere in Ottawa has the allure that Lansdowne does, giving The Glebe an edge in the race for proximity to evening attractions, and sources of entertainment.
The Glebe is also conveniently located along the Bank Street BIA, featuring a variety of different types of shops, from vintage clothing to health food stores, and all kinds of eateries, bringing joy to the locals, and being pilgrimized to by those outside of the area.
The Glebe’s rental market is also hot, largely due to the proximity to downtown and to Carleton University; tenants attending the latter bring a vibrant, youthful aura to the historic feeling neighbourhood lining Bank and Bronson, along the canal.
Wrapping up…
Ottawa has plenty of standout neighbourhoods, and it can be tricky to decide where to settle in, but seek comfort in the fact that the Nation’s Capital has the place for you. Ottawa’s three hottest neighbourhoods are the perfect place for your new home or investment. No matter your goals, needs, or means, there is something for you and yours here.
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