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Living in Avalon

One of the youngest neighbourhoods in the Ottawa area is Avalon, situated in the eastern suburb of Orléans.

Avalon was created in the 1990s to accommodate the intensifying urban sprawl in Orléans and has since become a hub for young and growing families, as well as retirees. Belonging to the Portobello South Community Development Association, the neighbourhood is home to over 12,000 people, and a number of schools, parks and luscious green spaces.

Primarily a residential area, this growing community is within walking distance of the many stores, restaurants and entertainment facilities located on Innes Rd.

Avalon Housing

Avalon features a number of detached homes, townhomes and condominiums in various modern styles. Many young families find the quiet and accessible Avalon an appealing place to live due to its proximity to many elementary schools, doctor’s offices and recreational spaces. The majority of homes are occupied by their owners, but the area does include a smaller number of rental properties.

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Avalon and Employment

The vast majority of Avalon residents are well educated and employed in various industries. Those who live in Avalon tend to commute into Ottawa’s more central areas for work, often relying on public transit. The OC Transpo bus service has multiple routes that run to and through Avalon, and city counsellors are pushing for Ottawa’s new Light Rail project to be extended into the suburb.

There are a number of retail and sales employment opportunities located in Avalon, or just outside of it.

Is Avalon a safe neighbourhood?

This area sees very little criminal activity and is in close proximity to the Ottawa Police East Division Station. Avalon is known to be an inclusive community, home to a large immigrant population and boasts one of the city’s newest mosques, the Masjid Bilal mosque on Innes Rd.

Avalon activities

Avalon residents happily make use of the numerous parks (including play structures, splash pads, skating rinks, etc.) located within the suburb. The area is within walking distance of the movie theatres, restaurants, pubs, box-stores and other commercial properties that line Innes Road—Orléans’ central commercial hub.

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