Are you Stuck with an Expired Listing in Ottawa?

Marnie Bennett - CEO and Broker of Record for Bennett Property Shop

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Marnie Bennet - CEO, Bennett Property Shop Realty, Brokerage.

Did Your Ottawa Listing Expired?

Are you fed-up with all the reasons your home didn’t sell and now demand answers?
Does it seem like your home will never sell?
You have probably gotten dozens of letters and calls since your listing didn’t sell, and truth is, there are few people in Ottawa who truly understand the frustration you are feeling.
In the beginning, you most likely were excited and nervous signing your first listing agreement. You more than likely spent a lot of time and effort helping your realtor prepare your house hoping for a quick and profitable sale.
But then the frustration starts to build week after week waiting for a purchase offer.
When that purchase offer never arrives and the listing expires so does your confidence and trust in the relationship with your real estate agent.
Now you are stuck wondering why your home isn’t sold while having to weed out the empty promises from realtors to find one you trust.
So, what makes us different than the rest?


Why Choose the Bennett Property Shop?

We understand that you might be a bit skeptical of the picture above, but you will learn that our offer is simple and straightforward, with proven results!
While every agent will promise to sell your home, the reality of the real estate market today is that this simply doesn't always happen. Needless to say, this is highly frustrating to a home seller like yourself.
When choosing the Bennett Property Shop you are not just hiring an agent, you are hiring an entire team who will work diligently to sell your home.
In addition to our top-tier marketing, we have over 15, 000 buyers in our database, it's more than likely we already have a buyer for your home. Within 72 hours of listing your home for sale, we will activate and send it to the "Bennett Property Shop Exclusive Buyer Service" list.
Whether the listing length was 90, 180 days, or even a year long - it did not sell. To make sure we do a better job than the previous agent, we need to first try and figure out why the house didn't sell.
The Bennett Property Shop will research and analyze every detail starting with questions like:
1. Was the home marketed properly? (Professionally photographed, accurate descriptions, signage, digital presence, etc.)
2. How long was the home on the market? Was the house priced correctly? (Was it listed above-market price for a while, was it reduced multiple times, etc.)
3. Did the previous agent lack experience? Did the agent know the neighbourhood area?
4. Information about the homeowners and how the house was treated, why they are selling.
5. What's the condition of the home? Was there a home staging service ?
We have developed many strategies to get your home sold fast, for top dollar and the least amount of hassle!
If you are a serious seller let's get a free home evaluation done and set up an appointment by clicking the button below!


"We would like to thank you for the fine job your company has performed in selling our house. The moment we met the Bennett Pros, we knew we were on the page to achieve our goals. Selling your home should not be a nightmare like the one we endured with another agent. It goes to show sincerity, professionalism and honesty always result in success." 

"My husband and I recently contacted Bennett Property Shop Realty to have representation in selling our home. Patti Bourassa and Marnie Bennett came into our lives and were informative, helpful and made us feel comfortable. All of our questions were answered. We sold our home in our price range, within days. We cannot say enough but Thank you!"

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