Selling Ottawa Home: Why Selling Your Home in Winter is a GREAT Decision

Winter is now here, and a little earlier than expected…but that does not mean you should sit and hibernate and wait for the Spring Market to arrive.
The Winter months offer some UNIQUE opportunities for Sellers.
Here are several reasons why you SHOULD put up that For Sale Sign NOW:
Less Inventory = Less Competition and More Attention
Remember what you learned in high school economics – Supply and Demand. If your house is the only one for sale in your neighbourhood, you’re likely to have a lot more interest in your home (and an increased chance of getting a higher sale price) in the Winter than in Spring when the market is saturated.
First-Quarter Job Relocations
Companies tend to place and/or relocate their workers during the first quarter of the New Year. This means that every winter, there are HOT Buyers looking for a new home, quickly. If you live close to a large corporation, ask your Bennett Property Shop real estate agent how to target the new employees coming to town.
Less Outdoor Maintenance = Cost Savings
When listing your home in the Spring or Summer, you need to keep your landscaping and curb appeal on point, which means spending time and money on plantings and possibly sod, or at the very least, some potted plants and lawn maintenance.
In the wintertime, the living is easy. If there’s snow, you shovel — that’s pretty much it. You can even hire a neighbour to clear a path for potential buyers. You will actually have more free time and less upkeep on the exterior of your home in the Winter.
Serious Buyers
Yes, there are probably fewer buyers on the prowl during the winter months — BUT Buyers who are out looking during this time of year are extremely motivated. People willing to brave the cold and wet weather are serious about finding a home and are more likely to be qualified and pre-approved for a mortgage.
The Internet has NO Seasons
Traditional Home Buying and Selling Seasons has evolved as a result of instant internet access to property listings. 98% of buyers do the bulk of their home searches online, especially when the weather is not great outside. Serious home buyers are always on the lookout. This is why you need to ensure your Realtor is an expert for attracting online house hunters. Ask your Realtor how many websites your home is listed on? Is your Realtor accredited and recognised by Google as one of the most credible Realtors out there! Bennett Property Shop has been recognised by Google, and this is why we sell our homes 2X Faster and for 2% more than the average Realtor.